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My year of revision

After writing prolifically for long periods of time and not spending enough time revising and submitting my creative work, I have decided to dedicate the next year or so to doing so. This means I will slow down my production of new work and work harder on my editing, revision and submissions. To this end, this year alone I have already submitted 5 short stories and a novel draft to traditional prospective publishers. My decision to spend a year in the editing and revision booth came after some success with my MA Thesis project The Tethering, which was recently accepted for publication after I spent some significant time in the editing and revision stages before sending out the manuscript – you can read about The Tethering below.

I am also a fan of trying new things, and there are some exciting things happening in the publishing world right now with this new thing called the internet. So I will write a series for Chanillo that will be based upon completing a final revision of my first full novel Cross Into Darkness as a serialized novel. I will also be sharing and crowdfunding for my newest novel Reset the System on Inkshares. Please consider following and supporting my work if you like what you read of the available samples. You can read about my accepted and experimental publishing endeavours below:

Reset the System

Reset the System

My posthuman SF novel will run a funding campaign for publication with Inkshares starting in the Fall of 2016. If you are not familiar with Inkshares and are a writer, then get familiar! Inkshares is a great crowdfunding publication platform that allows writers to network with each other and consult each other about their work. Think of it as a giant creative writing class, but one that also includes professional editors, designers and a marketing team. So far, I am really enjoying meeting the writers on the site, following them and helping to fund the books that I like and learning how to market and shape my own novel. The site really is a motivating space for writers. Having your book published by Inkshares would mean that it attracted a significant community of interest and support, and nothing is published that is not chosen by the Inkshares community. This way, you are publishing a book that has already proven itself to readers in some way, a significant difference from the traditional publishing model that sees single editors of small teams select books they believe in (or think will sell) and then marketing them like mad. This is a refreshing reversal that has been brought about by technology, innovation and a real love for writing – in an age when many predicted the death of the book. Well, from what I can see, the book is healthier than ever.

The Tethering (book one)

Great news! The first volume of my post-apocalyptic novella trilogy The Tethering has been accepted by Canada’s largest ebook publisher, Double Dragon Publishing. The tentative publication date is January 2017. Check back here in  the future for updates about this project.


Cross Into Darkness

CrossIntoDarknessCoverMy novel about a parkour expert that witnesses a murder will be serialized with Chanillo starting this month! Subscribe to the site and my series to read a new chapter every two weeks for the next year!


“The Wormwood Proxy”

Detectives of the FantasticMy short SF/Apocalyptic story “The Wormwood Proxy” has been accepted for publication in Detectives of the Fantastic Vol. IV by Horrified Press and will be published as part of the anthology on June 15th, 2016. Please check back here for updates about that book project.


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