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The Tethering: Book One Bound by Blood

 The first volume of my post-apocalyptic novella trilogy The Tethering has just been published by Canada’s largest ebook publisher, Double Dragon Publishing. There will be two sequels to follow in 2018 and 2019.

The Tethering is available to purchase on Kobo, Amazon, Apple and Barnes and Noble through these links or Double Dragon’s website. If you live in Winnipeg, please join me this spring for the launch of the physical book at McNally Robinson – more details about that event to follow here on the site.

If you are a book reviewer and would like a complimentary copy of the book to review, please email me to arrange this.

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The Tethering by Jeremy R Strong

The Tethering

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Reset the System

Reset the System

My posthuman SF novel will run a funding campaign for publication with Inkshares starting in the Fall of 2017. If you are not familiar with Inkshares and are a writer, then get familiar! Inkshares is a great crowdfunding publication platform that allows writers to network with each other and consult each other about their work. Think of it as a giant creative writing class, but one that also includes professional editors, designers and a marketing team. So far, I am really enjoying meeting the writers on the site, following them and helping to fund the books that I like and learning how to market and shape my own novel. The site really is a motivating space for writers. Having your book published by Inkshares would mean that it attracted a significant community of interest and support, and nothing is published that is not chosen by the Inkshares community. This way, you are publishing a book that has already proven itself to readers in some way, a significant difference from the traditional publishing model that sees single editors of small teams select books they believe in (or think will sell) and then marketing them like mad. This is a refreshing reversal that has been brought about by technology, innovation and a real love for writing – in an age when many predicted the death of the book. Well, from what I can see, the book is healthier than ever.


Cross Into Darkness

CrossIntoDarknessCoverMy novel about a parkour expert that witnesses a murder is serialized with Chanillo. Subscribe to the site and my series to read a new chapter every month for the next year.

“The Wormwood Proxy”

Detectives of the FantasticMy short SF/Apocalyptic story “The Wormwood Proxy” appears in Detectives of the Fantastic Vol. IV by Horrified Press (June 2016).




We had a fantastic book launch last week at McNally Robinson Booksellers here in Winnipeg! Over 110 people came out to support The Shadow Over Portage and Main, and the store sold out of copies of the book that night – this is a huge success and I’m certain that everyone involved in the book is very grateful to everyone that came out to buy a copy of this book (I know I am. Thank you Winnipeg and fans in other parts of Canada that purchased our book – you know who you are). If you haven’t yet picked up your copy of the book, see the bottom of this page for all the relevant links – McNally Robinson ships very quickly, I recommend you purchase from them to support an independent (and excellent) bookstore. If you use Goodreads or Amazon, it would be great to see a review of this book, we are all interested to hear your thoughts. Stay scared out there in Winnipeg and beyond.

One of the many short stories I have written has just been published as a part of this fantastic and diverse collection of weird fictions, The Shadow Over Portage and Main by Enfield and Wizenty (Great Plains), a well-respected and popular local publisher here in Winnipeg. The story is a short work of horror in the vein of Stephen King or Clive Barker, called “The Weight of Thought”. I wrote it while I was working as a waiter, just before returning to my current post-secondary life. I used to get home late from work and put on whatever movie I thought might help me fall to sleep. Initially I conceived the idea for the story while wondering what an Indiana Jones tale might look like if it were set in the world of the Saw horror films. I feel that my story cries out for a good “B” movie rendition…we need a new Sharknado or Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies sometime don’t we? If you are a struggling filmmaker, you can reach out to me to talk the big dollars through the blog comments.

The most thrilling part of publishing this short story for me is to be in the printed company of the other authors in the volume, many of whom I was fortunate enough to spend time with during the development of the book. Their horrific visions are all unique, disturbing…and very much capture the strange but compelling qualities of Winnipeg (the city I grew up in and call my home once again).

You can now find the book in several locations as listed below, and I hope that you will consider attending our next book signing set for May 15th, 2016 at Chapters St. Vital.

The Shadow Over Portage And Main

The Shadow Over Portage and Main is edited by Keith Cadieux and Dustin Geeraert. You can pick up a copy or order online at the following locations:

Enfield and Wizenty

McNally Robinson



You can also read more of the details about the volume here:


My short story “Lia’s Resort” and several poems appear in the Spring 2014 edition of The University of Manitoba’s The Maelstrom, a literary magazine that was originally created by Winnipeg poet and English teacher Jonathan Ball (follow him here). This one might be hard to find (this was a one-time chapbook), and I might upload a scanned pdf of the story and poems in the future for your reading interest.




Before “We’re all just skeletons” was produced, I contributed a short horror story called “Foundation Problems” to this Fall 2013 edition of The Maelstrom as shown above.

the alliterates collects together the short fiction and poetry of a University of Manitoba Advanced Creative Writing class from 2013. My short story “Wednesdays” appears in this chapbook. You can also read the full text of  “Wednesdays” by clicking on the story thumbnail below:Wednesdays

This story represents my experimentation with the Amazon Kindle epub process – something I plan to write a blog post about shortly (check back soon) – hence the pseudonym.


The Glass Cat is that rarest of chapbooks that only comes along once in a lifetime. I once heard that a copy of this chapbook sold for eighty thousand dollars to an eccentric collector, but the person that told me this is generally very untrustworthy. One of my personal favourite (and deeply personal) poems “81 Lines for Sam” appears in this collection, written when I was waiting for the birth of my first child (now I am proud father to three).


I believe this was the first time my poetry was anthologized. Two very short poems, “The Fools” and “I Bought Her Flowers” appear within. I will soon be adding both poems here as a linkable pdf (check back soon).


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