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Here you can find things related to my research on the cultural significance of the post-apocalyptic, including zombies as a global cultural phenomenon.

I am excited to announce that a book project I co-edited for Inter-Disciplinary Press, Imagining the End: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Apocalypse, is now available. The book traces the influence and spectre of apocalyptic thought through a diverse range of art, experiences and cultural phenomena. The essays in the volume are all indications that thinking through the lens of the apocalyptic is a useful critical exercise. I am very pleased to see this project reach publication and was honoured to work with my co-editor and all the contributors. I hope that if you are interested in obtaining a copy of this volume that you enjoy reading it as much as I did. Click on the image below to go directly to the website:

Imagining the End

If you would like to read my essay “Destruction From Within: The Significance of the Resurgence of Zombies in Film and Fiction”, it is published as an ebook through Inter-Disciplinary Press. Clicking the image of the book below will take you to the site:


If you are interested in writing that queries and questions its place within the very tradition that creates it, be sure to read the article “Riding Renga: Low Theory and Collective Critical Dissatisfaction” that I co-published with 5 incredible colleagues in the new Australian Open Access Journal Writing From Below. Just click on the image of the magazine cover to go straight to the site.



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