Google Poetics

I am a bit late to discover this, but recently in doing some digging into posthuman poetry, I fell in love with the notion of the Google auto-complete poem. Here is my own personally created favourite:


I stumbled across the blog of Sampsa Nuotio, which he calls Google Poetics (no affiliation with the company). You have to read this site – in my opinion it is one of the simplest and yet best blogs on the internet. What immediately strikes me about this poetry, is that it truly does force us to pause and consider the various emphases that we place on our own artistic creations. Most of these poems, in true posthumanist style, have no author but google’s simple general ai, and the human component (the person who began a search) is arbitrary and in some cases perhaps irrelevant. What do you think? I had a good deal of fun coming up with a whole plethora of these. I might even put together a themed poetry chapbook and try to publish it. Take a look and enjoy:


Africa is Ai ai2 Antarctica should Aliens4 Aliens3 Aliens2 Aliens Australia bring me a Broke Cambodia Can anybody g Can I Stretch Can I stop Can I fold Can I bring Can I do Can you grip Can you grow Can you s- Can you show Can You Stop Say- China Cannibalism Canada wants Canada 3 Can't you



I am excited to announce that a book project I co-edited for Inter-Disciplinary Press, Imagining the End: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Apocalypse, is now available. The book traces the influence and spectre of apocalyptic thought through a diverse range of art, experiences and cultural phenomena. The essays in the volume are all indications that thinking through the lens of the apocalyptic is a useful critical exercise. I am very pleased to see this project reach publication and was honoured to work with my co-editor and all the contributors. I hope that if you are interested in obtaining a copy of this volume that you enjoy reading it as much as I did. Click on the image below to go directly to the website:

Imagining the End

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